Managed Services

Infrastructure Services

Aryan Solutions offers and supports a range of IT services that can help you to ease your common business activities. Our services ensure strong skill & scalability, secure uptime, and reduced cost of your IT infrastructure. Our offerings include:

Custom App Development

Aryan Solutions have a team of an amazing developer, testers and project manager with expertise in latest technologies. You can outsource your any software application development project to us and get a fully functional and smooth running app.

We offer following software app development platforms:

Application Support

Our Application support services aim to assist your day-to-day IT issues. We have designed our services in such a way it can comfortably fulfill your IT needs and can cover significant IT risk which causes delays in your project delivery.

Some of our services are:

Software Testing

Our Software testing and quality assurance can help you configure and maintain the testing framework for your application.

We offer a full range of on-demand QA software testing services. Our services encompass many different software quality activities such as:

IT Security

Aryan Solutions, IT security services are designed in a way that aims to protect your computer system, data, operations, network, and information from any type of cyberattack.

Our proficient team of IT builds such a safe network that prevents all kinds of information technology threats like:

Penetration Testing

Now it is easy to reveal the vulnerabilities and various other cyber threats to your business. Aryan Solutions amazing team of professionals ease your work by assisting you with Penetration testing aka Ethical hacking services.

Types of penetration services we provide: