Our Services

Consulting Services

Aryan Solutions consulting services help every size of business to grow. We monitor the market and take a strategic approach to grow your business in any circumstances. We work closely with our client’s requirements and offer a full range of solutions:

Project Outsourcing

In order for us to services our clients effectively we can also provide contract recruitment, allowing you to fill gaps, add talent for the short term, bolster knowledge, or simply hire staff on a temporary contractual basis. We can deliver most assignments within 24-72 hours.

Staff Augmentation

We believe in engaging your resources in activities that are necessary for your business. 

Aryan Solution, as one of the top IT Consultant in Singapore, does absolutely what is our client’s present requirement and forecasting the upcoming. It identifies your business requirements, and hires the right people fulfilling the organizational objectives.

The most important benefit that our staff augmentation service brings:

Managed Services

We are very experienced in helping our clients transform talent acquisition processes, from greenfield strategy to brownfield improvements, restructuring and performance measurements.

Some of our clients have included rapidly growing start-ups, international top tier banks, and various other high tech firms who are vulnerable to talent sourcing and retention. Some of key benefits are:

IT Support Services

We believe in supporting our clients 24*7 with our IT support services. No business these days can survive without IT support. Aryan Solution understands the needs of our clients and always ready with right skills and experienced competent.

Breakdown of our IT Support services that we offer are:

IT Contract Staffing

IT Contract Staffing

At Aryan Solutions, we understand the dynamic nature of the IT industry and the importance of having the right talent to drive your business forward. Our IT Contract Staffing services are designed to provide you with the flexibility and expertise you need to meet your project demands while allowing you to focus on the imperative and productive tasks that drive your business success.

As one of the top IT consultants in Singapore, we excel at understanding our clients’ present requirements and forecasting their upcoming needs. We go beyond simply identifying your business requirements; we proactively hire the right IT professionals who align with your organizational objectives and can seamlessly integrate into your teams.

Partnering with Aryan Solutions for IT Contract Staffing empowers your organization to:

Payroll Services

Aryan Solutions understand the importance of error-free payroll management activities. When you partner with us your organization can enjoy an amazing payroll system. Effective payroll services can help you to focus on your core business areas. We are a reliable payroll service provider in Singapore, we offer trending payroll solutions as per your organizational need. Some of the advantages are: